PROVSER is strategically located in Ramallo city, at Parque Industrial Comirsa. We specialize in technical developments that belong to the value chain in the handling area within large companies. We are currently meeting the needs of technical, tailor made developments or temporary services in Mining, Industrial and Port markets, among others, by providing Outsourcing Services In-Company.

Our layout includes administrative offices, laundry area, repair workshop, training sector, storage and outdoor parking. The company is horizontally integrated. It provides each service jointly or separately to make it dynamic and professional enough in each sector.

Nowadays, we offer a set of individual and complementary services to supply an integral, outsourcing handling service In-Company. Among which we can mention:

-Special solutions for value chain In Company. -General and qualified handling
-Machinery rental with and without driver -Specialized mechanics

-Lay in – Lay out reengineering
-Outdoor Storage
-Each of these services are provided individually and / or integrated according to the needs of your company.


We aim to provide a professional service focused on meeting the needs of large companies regarding outsourcing handling services in company.
We offer the highest quality in advice provision and rental of mobile equipment with and without driver for the transfer of heavy material and raw material handling


Provser grows continuously by incorporating quality and a variety of services so as to satisfy the needs of our clients. We incorporate technology, bet on the continuous professional training and assert the first place in the market sector as a leading company.

Our Values

  • Commitment with the needs of the Client
  • Team work
  • Trust and respect for the people
  • Continuous improvement
  • Punctuality and efficiency

The success of our Outsourcing Service In-Company

In 1996, we began our activity by handling raw material, operational supplies and services in the field of steel making industry, this implied for us to cover complex customers ́ expectations for the importance of the tasks, the implications on production, delays, and costs of raw materials and operational supplies involved in the steelmaking process.

In 2000, we massively began to provide services of light forklifts with driver and we added services of driving light forklifts without driver and heavy forklifts with driver in 2003.We moved coils, slabs and spare parts, among others. Entrenched in our management system and certified quality, we added to our services, the handling of bulk material through pile loaders and conveyors in 2005.

The experience we have to provide, together with the know how that we get from our effectiveness at work, makes us a suitable company to deal with the solution of needs that your company may have.